Friday, December 31, 2010


I know I promised an update on The Train quilt, but I want to take some additional pictures of the fabrics and other items I want to include in the quilt.  Once the pictures are taken, I will do a two-part post so you can see all that I have to work with.  In the meantime, here is an update on the rest of the WIP list.

7.  Cathedral Windows

I have to change the number of rows completed to 9.  I just finished a row and have another almost ready to attach.  It is getting so big, I can't get the whole quilt into the picture.  Here it is draped over my cutting table.
I love how it is turning out!

8.  Delectable Diamonds

Remember the picture from the book?
Mine is turning out a bit different.

It needs a few more rows down, so I have some more needlework to do.  I have four more units ready to stitch and enough to do eight more plus I have more blue fabrics I can use for alternating diamonds.  The original quilt shows the blue fabrics all mixed up.  I am not sure I will do this 'cause I like this layout alot.  We shall see.

9.  Blue Diamond Silk

This is the quilt I have been working on for my son, Joseph.  It is a queen size quilt that goes all the way to the floor on three sides.  Most of the units are completed, but I need more ties.  It is so large right now I can't fit the whole thing on my design wall.  Oh, and the units are not arranged in any particular order.  I have to work on that, too.  The picture doesn't show the blues up very well but I assure you, every unit has some shade of blue. 

10.  Love's 1930's Pinwheel Medallion or Rita's Water Ice

I changed the title on this one.  Love sent me the pattern for this quilt.  It is the same one she used for her Summer Sherbert.  I have most of the colored pinwheels done but found out I need a lot more of the light ones.  Cut and pinned a bunch yesterday and have one machine set up with white thread to start stitching today.  This is 1/4 of the quilt on my wall.  Thank goodness the directions break it down in sections.  Love, is this a queen or king size?  It is really large.

11. Fabric Frolic - Leader/Ender - King and Queen

I list this as one quilt but it is actually two - a King and a Queen.  The King is for my niece and the Queen is up for grabs, LOL.  I have been working the units as Leader/Enders (Bonnie Hunter's method) and have 250 units completed - I need 300.  Once the units are done I can start adding the black sashings.  I've posted pictures of the units before.

12.  Pinwheel Party

Nothing else completed since I posted pictures of the pinwheels.  The completed blocks are 12 inch units which will come together pretty fast once all the pinwheels are done.  Here is what it looks like on the design wall with the pinwheels in their approximate positions.  The little green papers have the unit numbers marked on them.  The one large block is the only one that is actually finished.  I am setting up the other machine with black thread to complete these.  (God, I love having two sewing machines, LOL.)
Having so much fun with this one.

OK, with the exception of the train quilt, here is where my entire list of Works in Progress stands although the Wannabe's list just keeps on growing.  So many quilts, so little time!

Love from Liri


  1. OK. I guess your list is longer than I thought! Looks like you have some good projects to work on. I think I better make a list once I get home.

  2. You've got quite a list, but you're well into all of them. They're all great. I love how you've changed the diamond pattern. Now I'm waiting for the much-promised train quilt progress!

  3. That catherdral quilt is wonderful!! You don't see very many people taking the time to do those right now;) And yes, I like the other WIPs you have going too;)
    Happy Quilting!!

  4. You have been quite busy! I like the catherdeal window one. Ever since I saw Storm working on her's at the pmqg meeting, I have been interesting in making one!

  5. Oh they are all so pretty I could never pick a favorite! Your cathedral windows looks beautiful. Love your blue diamonds with the stitchery on the alt blocks. The pattern from Love is fantastic, love the colors.
    I think you can keep busy for a while, LOL
    Happy New Year

  6. You have projects for every mood. They are all fantastic. That Cathedral windows in particular caught my eye, and the sherbert quilt too. I'm looking forward to the train quilt update!

  7. You have alot to keep you busy. I love your handwork on the Delectable Diamond quilt. Really wonderful. Happy New Year. Connie204

  8. You must love being busy. That many unfinished projects would scare me. Happy New Year.


  9. Your projects all look wonderful! Enjoy working on them throughout 2011!

  10. Your Cathedral Windows is exquisite! Gorgeous!
    Your blue embroidery is so special too! Is that on hankies?
    The next one---is that your tie quilt? Will you be foundation piecing it? Just wondering; it's going to be terrific, as are the red pinwheels too!
    I love your take on the bright colored pinwheels, and the two "shades" of white really are striking in the path between.
    My Summer Sherbet measures 69" square, hardly even a full. I have 17 rows each way of 4" finished squares, plus the binding. Your pinwheels must be much larger than mine, or you have more rows maybe. Whatever, it is going to be beautiful!
    Love all your projects, and will be watching for more!
    Happy New Year, to you and all our great quilting buddies!