Monday, December 13, 2010


Well, there were only 7 entries for the needlepoint drawing.  They are as follows:

1.  Country Log Cabin Quilter said... That is amazing! Yes! Add me to the drawing

2.  Carolyn, wannabe quilter... What wonderful finds.. Please add me to the drawing..I'm one of those people that can't sit without something in their hands.

3.  Beth said... What a great find... as often as I have ever visited thrift shops I haven't ever found a treasure.... Lucky You.... Hope my name is drawn!! They are lovely.

4.  free indeed said... I'd like a go at finishing some of these. I don't do Halloween so those could go to someone else...They are lovely...I wouldn't be able to pass them up either!

5.  Marsha said... Ohhh, what a great find! I enjoy having something to do while watching TV at night and those would be perfect! It's not that I don't have enough projects to keep me busy, but I can't pass those up! Thanks! ! !

6.  Barbara said... I do cross stitching and would love some of the fabrics. Hard to find some of those colors locally. Good find for you.
This actually worked out quite well.  I rolled a single die and here is what came up.  First roll was for the fabric:
Congratulations, Carolyn wannabe quilter.

Second roll for was the unfinished pieces, instructions and floss:

Congratulations, Marsha!
Carolyn, I will send you an email so you can send me your address.  Marsha, don't I have your address?  If not, send me an email.  I will get everything ready and try to send out this week.
For those of you who were interested in the needlepoint, I am sure there will be other finds (sometimes I think they find me, LOL).  If so, I will let your know.
Love from Liri


  1. Oh, wow, Thank You! ! ! This is a wonderful surprise!

  2. Congrats Carolyn and Marsha! I was so tempted to enter, but decided against it. I really don't need any more unfinished projects around here!

  3. Congrats Carolyn and Marsha! Projects to keep you busy stitching.