Monday, December 13, 2010


From Greek Mythology, three goddesses known as the Muses, inspired the creation of music, literature and the arts.  But we don't live in ancient Greece and although there was a lot of creativity back then, times have changed.

For me, a Muse is an entity that inspires creativity.  Any creative person has a muse - whether you are a quilter, painter, mathematician, writer (I could go on).  As long as there is a creative process, there is a Muse in the background.  How do you know?  Your Muse is that little voice in your head that says, "Whoa, wait a minute.  You see what you just did?  What a great idea - expand on it!" 

Your Muse is tailored to you.  Some people have gentle Muses and some people have "Gung-ho, Go for Broke" Muses and everything in between.  If you are not careful, they can get you in a lot of trouble.  All those UFO's you have?  That's the fault of your Muse.  Remember how each one started with a really great idea?  Remember how you felt when you started it?  All that enthusiasm and "This is gonna be the greatest quilt ever"!  And then what happened?  Your Muse lost interest!  Muses are not known for follow through.  They have to be managed.

How to Manage Your Muse 

1.  Get to know your Muse - They are very likable, for the most part.
2.  Listen to your Muse - No one likes being ignored and Muses are sensitive.
3.  Keep your Muse entertained - Ever wonder why you have so much fabric?  Your Muse loves new fabric, trimmings and gadgets. 
4.  Keep your Muse busy - Got a problem with a quilt?  Give the problem to your Muse until it is worked out.
5.  Keep your Muse interested - Even if it means working on multiple projects.
6.  Discipline your Muse -  Every Muse needs discipline.  Sometimes you just can't stop what you are doing to indulge them.
7.  Indulge your Muse -  When you can, just to show them how much they are appreciated.

Case in point, right now the Blue Silk quilt is up on my design wall.  I really want to finish this quilt for my son.  But my Muse is stuck on the Koala Redwork.  Not the quilt, mind you, but the scraps left over from the border and the black & white scraps Kathleen sent me.  (You just never know what will grab their attention.)  She thinks I should combine the two and make the Pinwheel Party BOM I collected from Twiddletails.  I think it is a good idea, but I want to finish the blue silk.  So I made a deal.  I will make the pinwheels for each block if she will let me finish the blue silk.  At least she'll give me some peace for a little while.  My Muse can be very insistent.

But despite the chaos she sometimes creates, I really love my Muse and wouldn't want to be without her.  The ideas she inspires are just so cool and our thought processes mesh so well.  (Can you tell we have been working together for a long time?)   And who did you think Liriopia was, anyway?

Love from Liri


  1. What an interesting post. If I have a muse, she must be very quiet, for I could certainly use a bit of inspiration.


  2. Love the post! Now I know why I have so many UFOs. Blame the muse that likes to start new things but doesn't have a long attention span. LOL

  3. Thanks for the explanation through a very clever post. I think I'm going to have to have a talk with my muse and soon! *grin* ---"Love"