Sunday, December 12, 2010


Do you recall the conversation I had with my muse the other day while working on the Christmas Dress?  She promised she would show me how to finish the border.  And she did!  Here is the top!
(Yeah, I know, the picture is a little wonky.)

As you can see, the border ended up just a little different than I envisioned, but I like how it turned out.
Luckily, I hadn't made the additional corner squares I was going to use.  Also, I finished the pillow sham.
That makes two tops completed.  All I need do now is quilt and bind.  Did you know Joanne's is having a huge sale beginning December 18th?  I have one 50% coupon, five 40% coupons and one good for 20% off total purchase.  You can bet that I will be there.  I am going to buy batting, cut to size, LOL!

Love from Liri


  1. So, how does one acquire a muse? Seriously, that is a beautiful quilt top (and pillow sham). Wouldn't it be nice to have batting cut to size. At the lumber store, they will cut wood to size. What's next for you?


  2. I love that border!! Yeah, JoAnn's...tempation is getting the better of me;)
    Happy Quilting!

  3. The quilt looks great! Your muse sure knows what she's doing!

  4. The quilt and pillow sham are precious! Your embroidery is so-o-o-o special! I looked back to the beginning of your string blocks to see how you came up with such cute blocks, and your border really compliments the blocks. "You did good!" ---"Love"

  5. Your quilt top is amazing! I love it! The border is just perfect, your muse did good. The pillow sham is amazing, too. Maybe you should do a tutorial on how to do the angled border, that would be nice to know. Enjoy the JoAnn sale!

  6. Your muse sure came through! That border is perfect for that beautiful quilt.

  7. That border is just perfect. I too would like a tutorial on that one. You and the muse did good!

  8. The quilt is so cute and the border is perfect for it. Your red work is delightful. I guess I better see how many coupons I have from Joann's. Our closest is now a 40 minute drive. Just hope I have time to get there. I still have so much to do before next Friday. Connie204