Sunday, January 8, 2012


These are the projects I would like to get finished this month. 

1.  Patriotic Denim

The middle has been done for awhile, but I have been struggling with the borders.  Here it is on my design wall:
I have two more border units to make because I took two out to use in the shams.  The shams have not yet been started.  This will not be quilted with batting due to weight.  I have the backing.  It is for my nephew.

2.  Rita's Water Ice

This mess is Rita's Water Ice.  It is 1/3 quilted (all the verticals are done).  The horizontals and the diagonals need to be finished.  I think I have binding but it is not yet cut.  The shams are done but not quilted.  This is for one of my sisters.

This is what the top looks like in case you forgot.

3.  Handwork

This kit is at least 30 years old.  One small corner was finished and then I put it aside.  I pulled this out before Christmas and started working on it again.  Not sure this will get finished this month because it is so heavily embroidered.  Here is as it stands now.
This is what it will look like when completed.  The picture on the package was taken in reverse.
So, there you have my January projects.  I want to finish all three but I am itching to start some new ones.  So I am thinking I may start the new ones as leaders/enders. 

What say you, Katie?  Will this do?

Love from Liri

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


It seems everyone is showing a list of finishes for 2011 so I figured I would join in and bring you up-to-date on what was finished during my blogging absence.
Finished Quilts

Koala Redwork – Quilted, sham finished and delivered to My Dear Luis’ little boy. He didn’t seem to be impressed, but Mom and Dad loved it. They now have three of my quilts – Tessellated Wedding, Pink Ladies and Koala Redwork.

Pinwheel Parade – Quilted, sham finished and delivered to my nieces’ little boy. He loved it! Seems he has been on a black/white/red kick lately. He wanted to paint his room black, but Mom turned him down, LOL. Now they can work around the quilt!

Summer Breezes – Quilted, sham finished and delivered to my Aunt Sis. It made her cry! She loved the quilt and found it hard to believe that I made it specifically for her. She has an efficiency apartment in an assisted living facility and is very particular about her room. Now I have to make sure that she actually uses the quilt and doesn’t put it away for a “Special Day”. That’s something my Grandmother always did and it drove me crazy. I told her she had to use it, if only for a bedspread, because every day is a “Special Day”. She is in her early 80’s.

Here are two pieces of handwork that I finished. Remember, I don’t do needlepoint? These look like needlepoint but are actually counted cross stitch. I picked up both these pieces as kits at my local thrift store for $1.00 each. They have been getting a lot of these in, so I have several stashed for the future (as if I needed any more, LOL).

Finally I have a picture of Autumn and Mara in their Easter dresses.  Sorry, I never did get one of Kayla.

I am still working on my list of WIP’s (works in progress) or UFO’s (as everyone else knows them). I am going to try and match Katie May for finishes this year. She is signed up with Judy Laquidara of Patchwork Times. I am going to fly on her coattails, LOL.

Love from Liri

Sunday, January 1, 2012


To all my blogging buddies and friends, my wish for all of you this New Year!

May there always be work for your hands to do.

May your purse always hold a coin or two.

May the sun always shine on your windowpane.

May a rainbow be certain to follow each rain.

May the hand of a friend always be near you.

May God fill your heart with gladness to cheer you.
This is an old Irish blessing and it just so fits!
Love from Liri