Wednesday, December 15, 2010


As if I didn't have enough ideas, just wanted to share these two items I found at the Thrift store yesterday.  How do you like this tea cup?  I liked it because it holds even more than the cup I have been using for years, but look at the patterns!

I can see several quilts here.  Can you?

And then I found this plate from Mexico.  I believe it was handpainted.  Isn't it beautiful?
I am not sure what the animal in the center is, but I love it!

Finally, here are some of the pinwheels from the Pinwheel Party quilt.  There are still more to make and then the blocks need to be assembled.  Check out Twiddletails blog for all the patterns and layout.  (Remember my Muse wanted to play with these?)

I used the scraps from the Koala Redwork and the black & white scraps that Kathleen sent me.  I will be adding a few black & whites from my stash and a very special piece of red/white/black fabric I found this summer.  It won't be done soon, but I am adding it to my Works in Progress list. 

I am also pleased to report the Christmas Dress is finished.  The hem was just the right length so I will be using black lace to finish.  Autumn loves it and my daughter couldn't be more pleased.  Autumn will wear the dress at our annual Christmas Eve get together and I will take pictures when she is all dressed up!

Love from Liri


  1. Yep, I see quilts from that mug! And I love your black and red pinwheels. I look forward to seeing how you put them all together. And I'm excited to see the finished Christmas dress being modelled soon!

  2. The mug is great and I can see some ideas in there! I love the red, black and white together, no wonder your muse wanted to play. The pinwheels are so pretty. I can hardly wait to see Autumn in the dress. It is adorable in your pictures but to see it on her will be great!

  3. That's a quilt mug alright! Have fun letting your muse loose on those pinwheel blocks. They should make a great quilt. Can't wait to see the pretty dress on the pretty girl :)

  4. GLAD you are back in that sewing room. We missed you.
    That mug is great. I know that you and the muse will find a great project from those trees.
    Can't wait to see Autumn in her beautiful dress.

  5. Yep, I see quilts on that mug too! But I'm getting curious about something; you sure are spending a lot of time with your muse. Could it be that he is a good-looking guy???? (Just kidding!) (A mind wanders --- and wonders too --- when one gets old!) ---"Love"