Thursday, December 9, 2010

THE CHRISTMAS DRESS - Elastic, Ties, Side Seams and Hem

Me:            OH, NO!  (Watching as the ribbon disintegrates while threading the elastic)
My Muse:  I told you not to use it.
Me:            But it was so perfect!  Cream satin with little red poinsettias and just the right size.
My Muse:  Yes, but I told you not to use it.  It's acetate and kinda old.  You know how acetate ribbon breaks down.
Me:            But I don't think I have anything to replace it!
My Muse:  You probably do.  Lets check the box.  (sounds of rummaging)  Here, use this.
Me:            Black lace?
My Muse:  Yes, it is just the right size and nobody is going to see it anyway.
Me:            Well, OK.   (hanging my head)  I'm sorry I didn't listen to you.
My Muse:  That's a good girl.  Now fix the dress and I will show you how to fix the Koala quilt.

So went the conversation.  I had to substitute black lace for the lovely ribbon.  Here are the pieces we will be working with.  These are the last.
Thread the elastic through the casing on the sleeves, securing both ends.  I used straight pins but you can stitch inside the seam line if that is easier.  I used a safety pin to thread the elastic.
Back of sleeve.

Front of sleeve.  (Remember to do both sleeves.)

Now pin the ties to the bodice between the armhole seam and the waist seam, on both sides.  You can baste these in place if it makes it easier.
Join the side seams, right sides together.  Start by matching and pinning all the seams.  Pin the long portions of the sleeves and skirt by halves.  Much easier that way.
Now stitch from the sleeve down to the  hem.
Trim the sleeve and clip the corners at the sleeve ends.
Press the skirt seam open.  If this was a larger garment, you would press the entire seam open, but this dress is so small, pressing the seam above the waist would do more harm than good.  Look, it is a dress!  Here is the front.
Here is the back.
I am going to see my daughter at a family party this weekend and Autumn will be there.  So I am going to wait and try the dress on her before I hem.  Other than that, the dress is finished.  I like the way it turned out. 

Love from Liri


  1. That is one gorgeous little dress! It turned out great.

  2. Oh so very pretty! Dresses like that can't be found in any store, and if they were, they would not be affordable! Your tutorial was great, and made it look so easy! If I had a little granddaughter, I'd be trying it! ---"Love"

  3. What a terrific Holiday dress. It would look wonderful on any little girl. It was a wonderful tutorial. I may take a plunge and try it (next year). Connie204

  4. Pretty pretty pretty! And you made it looks so easy. I think I'm still chicken, though...

  5. That is a very pretty little holiday dress! It has lovely details without being so fussy that a little girl would be uncomfortable wearing it. Great work.


  6. I think Sandy said it perfectly. Very pretty dress with just enough lace. You do make that look easy.
    Your daughter and grand will be so excited.

  7. Love it!! She will feel like a princess in that dress.