Thursday, December 2, 2010


Just a short post today.  First, I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you for all the lovely comments you left about my grandchildren.  It so warms my heart!  Yes, Love, I will be posting new pics of each of them.  My daughter is gathering up all the "Grandmom" pictures for me, LOL.

Now on to the post.  This summer while browsing the furniture at the St. Vincent's Thrift (I am looking for a special piece) I happened upon a cabinet sewing machine.  This is not the first time I have seen them there, but something told me to take a closer look.   I opened the cabinet and pulled up the machine.  What a surprise!  It was the same weight as my New Home.  What this told me was the machine was all metal.  An all metal machine is a workhorse.  (My New Home is about 40 years old.)  The machine was not a name brand, all it said on the front was "Stretch Stitch".  It worked but not very well and it was filthy with dust.  It looked like someone had been storing it in a corner of the cellar.  The price tag was $35.00 and on impulse, I bought it.  I really wasn't in the market for another sewing machine as I had no place to sew.

This is my New Home.

Fast forward to reclaiming my sewing room.  I found a small Vac & Sew Shop at a nearby shopping center and took the machine in.  The owner took a look at it and said he could refurbish it.  That was 4 weeks ago.  He had the machine fixed but was waiting for a foot pedal that was on back order.  I picked it up today.  I invested an additional $170.00.  Here it is.

Looks brand new, doesn't it?  Do you notice the similarities with my New Home?  Turns out it is a Precision Built made in Japan.  I suspect it was also made by Janome perhaps a few years before mine (no free arm).  You see, my machine is a Janome.  When Janome was first trying to break into the U.S. market, they marketed under American names.  The reason I suspect this is a Janome?  The controls work the same way.  No learning curve.  All the parts from my New Home; bobbins, bobbin case and presser feet;  fit this machine.  And it sews like a dream.

I am so thrilled!  Now I can get twice as much done!

Love from Liri


  1. Very cool! Sounds like you got a great deal and I can see having two machines is a great help. Enjoy!

  2. It's always good to have a back up machine, or one machine ready to quilt and one ready to piece.

  3. So, it's true. Everything old is new again.

    I, too, am looking forward to an updated photo of your 'Delicious Grands'.(I especially like all the red hair.)


  4. What a great find! Though I cringed a little at the refurbishing cost - probably just sticker shock after seeing the price you actually paid for it.

  5. Looks brand new! We sell Janome at the shop and they sew really nicely. Glad you got it all cleaned and working well.

  6. All metal machines are hard to find anymore. My son has my 40 yr old Kenmore that I can't lift anymore. Great find. Connie204

  7. Nice find;) I have a few old Singer sewing machines...they are work horses. I used the sewing machine I bought for my daughter while I was up there....I felt like I could break it!! Anytime I see an old metal sewing machine, I try it out, decide if it's worth the investment, then take it home. Most time's they only take a tune up and a replacement cord...about $70 to get up and running.
    Happy Quilting!!