Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Surprise!  Another post!  I am going to try and keep the posts flowing as long as the ideas are.  Since I have limited time on the computer (only while hubby is sleeping), I am not going to answer individual comments but will try to deal with questions from the last post.  And, please, do not think I am not grateful for all your lovely compliments - I am, it keeps me going and I appreciate every single one!

Katie:  I haven't had a quilting studio for the last year and (actually) 4 months.  Two years or so ago our roof sprung a leak right over the cutting table in my studio.  The leak was older than that, we found it when I tore out half the ceiling to reinstall some insulation.  The damage was pretty severe (mold, rotted wood, etc.)  Hubby did a good job of repairing the outside part of the roof (no leak anymore), but dropped the ball when it came to the inside.  I ran out of patience and made an executive decision.  I don't need a whole ceiling and the part of the inside wall that is open is between two big windows and not really a useful space anyway.  So, I threw him, his tools and all the materials out of my room and moved everything back in.  If, at some time in the future, he decides he wants to finish the job, it will only take me about an hour to make it all accessible again.  Until then, I am quilting and back in action.

Now for some goodies. I chose to work on the APQ Swap Blocks quilt first. Here is where it stands so far:
This quilt is for me.  I made two of every block I sent out, so if you enlarge the picture you should be able to pick out the blocks sent to you.  All the signed blocks are in the center and my blocks surround them.  All the information that was written on the blocks has been embroidered as my experience with "permanent" markers has taught me they are not so permanent.  I am sewing the rows together now.  It needs batting (warm&white cotton, I think) and backing.  I am not sure if I will bind it with the same pale blue or use a navy.  This quilt will be/is already well-loved!

 Do you remember these?

The Go Bags from APQ.  I have a lot of young 20-something nieces (and my daughter)  and I thought they would be fun.  I made them out of velvet with contrasting satin linings.  They are for Christmas gifts.  Just wish I could find something to make for my sons and nephews.

An announcement!  I am becoming a grandmother, again, in about a week.  My daughter will be having a little girl!  The father has two children of his own by a previous marriage, a girl and boy, plus my own two grandsons and now a granddaughter.  My daughter loves having a large family.  Once the baby is born, I will post a picture of all five children.  I am so blessed!  And now I have an excuse to make pretty girly dresses, LOL!

That's it for now.  I have to take some more pictures for tomorrow's post!

Love from Liriopia


  1. The swap blocks look great! All those extra blocks paid off and the quilt is going to be huge, but awesome. And good for you kicking the hubby's tools out of your room!

  2. Your APQ quilt is really, really pretty! Will you be using setting triangles, or maybe leave the edges with only the points outside? I think that would be interesting. I'm glad you are posting again --- and quilting! ---"Love"

  3. You are one patient lady. It took you how long to boot the hubby's tools out of your sewing space? I'm glad you have your space back and are jumping back into sewing. The bags are besutiful and will surely be much appreciated. Love the swap quilt. How big is it with all the extra blocks? Enjoy the girly girl sewing coming your way :)

  4. Executive decisions are required from time to time;) Those purses are great....they are going to love them;)
    I love the look of your swap block quilt! I have yet to start on mine;)
    Happy Quilting!!

  5. The swap block quilt will be gorgeous. I hope to get mine put together sometime after Christmas. Congrats on the new grandbaby! We will be up to 5 when our new one is born in December! Exciting!

  6. Wow, you have been busy!! I remember those bags. They will make lovely gifts. Your swap block quilt will be very pretty. Congratulations on the new granddaughter-to-be. You will have so many reasons to be thankful this Thanksgiving.


  7. Well, when you get going you really go!! The swap block quilt looks so good. I have mine on the design wall right now too. I think I need more blocks to ass to the others.
    So exciting about the new grand on her way.
    Your bags are so pretty. I love that pattern, never thought of velvet.