Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Do you remember these little guys?
These are 3 of a set of 7 embroideries originally for day-of-the-week tea towels.  I finished 4 sets about two years ago in preparation for a quilt for my grandson, Warren.  Then I found a set of puppies and used those for Warren's quilt.  So these have been sitting around for about two years now.

For some reason, I was having a hard time coming up with an alternating block.  I tried log cabin:
 It didn't do anything for me!  So I tried Rail Fence:
Still nothing!  I though about Snail's Trail, but it's a very complicated block, so no go.  While I was mulling this over, other quilters started playing with strip piecing and I just loved it!  Remember Love's beautiful strip pieced quilt?  Bingo!  So I started pulling out all my red & white scraps.  How do you like this block?

I used every red & white scrap I had plus the extra strips from the two Playful Puppies quilts.  I had a blast!  Here is the Koala Redwork quilt at this point:
And I have the pillow sham started.  The lone block at the top is a left over.
The first border will be a medium red print to set off the dark red borders of the blocks.  I think I know what to do with the finishing border and I may need three more blocks for the corners.  I really love how this is turning out. 

I will give this little quilt to my dear friend Luis for his son, Alexander.  Alex just turned a year old about a week ago. 

Love from Liri


  1. That is just wonderful. Your embroidery is so perfect. I really like your red and white scrappy blocks. What a lucky little boy!

  2. I think those strip blocks are perfect...they don't steal the show from all the embroidery work, just compliment it;)
    Happy Quilting!!

  3. The embroidered blocks are adorable, and I love the strip pieced blocks, too. (As Kathleen said, they don't steal the show.) Alex is a lucky boy!


  4. Perfection! All the way around! ---"Love"

  5. How fun! The string blocks are a great idea. I wouldn't have thought of using them as an alternating block.

  6. This is adorable! It will be a perfect gift.

  7. The strip blocks are becoming quite popular. Love your idea of the alternating block!

    The blocks compliment your redwork quite nicely.