Monday, November 22, 2010


OK, I think I have made up my mind. Love all your feedback, it was so helpful. Talked to my daughter and here is how the dress will turn out. Here are the patterns, again, so you can follow along.
Pattern #3 is out.  Much as I love it (for the pretty much the same reasons you do), the fabric is just too drapey.  The skirt on this pattern requires a fabric with a little stiffness to it and there is an underskirt/crinoline that is not shown on the envelope that makes the dress flare.  I will probably make this pattern for her in the future, but not now.
Of the two above, I have chosen view #4 from Special Events with the following modifications.  I am substituting the sleeves from view #1 of Fantasy and there will be no ruffle on the skirt.  The collar will be the creamy satin, I just have to choose the lace. 
So there you have it.  I think I will be laying out and cutting the pieces today.  I know some of you have never made a garment before, only quilts.  If you would like, I will post ongoing construction of the dress.  Let me know!
On to other items.  I went to the North Penn High School Craft Show this weekend and visited with Ann Hermes.  I have one of her little wool ornaments (bragging now), LOL.  Isn't it cute?

It is wool applique.  We put up a small table top tree and this is the perfect size.  I also bought the new APQ 2011 calendar from her.

And guess who's quilt this is?

Yes, it is one of Ann's featured in the calendar for the month of October!  This is so cool.  When she is rich and famous we will all be able to say "I knew her when..."!  (BTW, I think Ann still has a few copies of the calendar available.  Is that right, Ann?)

A small note:  Kathleen, I will be mailing out the extra swap blocks to you this week.

Got another post to write up.  See you soon!

Love from Liriopia


  1. So nice to see you this past weekend. I do have a few calendars left. BTW was the calendar quilt sold and went to a very good home.

  2. I'd love to see step by step dress construction. I've made just one dress for my daughter and found it daunting. Maybe I just need to see it done, rather than just read about it.

  3. The dress will be adorable. I have made lots of dresses (big and little, plus matching dolly dresses) and would love to see ongoing construction posts.
    Lucky you to have met Ann Hermes. Now you can someday say "I knew her way back when...".


  4. I too would love to see ongoing construction of the dress. I made some doll clothes for my girls when they were little but that is all of my garment construction experience.
    Your little ornament is very cute. Bet it was fun for you two to meet.

  5. I love altering patterns...using this part from that and such;) It will turn out wonderful;)
    I'm sure seeing Ann was fun;) She's getting famous isn't she?;) Good stuff;)
    Looking forward to the blocks;)
    Happy Quilting!!