Thursday, March 3, 2011


Yeah, I know, I called the last update post February but it was really January.  Here is how things stand at the end of February/beginning of March.  I will get my months figured out for the next one, LOL.

The Patriotic Denim is coming along quite nicely.  Here are the blocks that are finished.
Here is what they look like on my design wall.

When the rest of the empty space is full it will be big enough for a queen size quilt.  The sashings will be 2 inches wide, made of denim and, hopefully their will be white stars as the cornerstones.  I haven't figured out the borders yet!  This quilt won't be sandwiched.  Denim is too heavy for that.  So I am looking for a king-size flannel sheet in either navy blue or red for the backing.  Then, of course, the pillow shams have to be done.  But it's getting there! 

A Tisket, A Tasket is coming along.  I haven't stitched anything down yet, but I cut bits and pieces as the inspiration strikes.  Here are the blocks now, but some of the pieces may change.
The laces you see pinned up are possible basket trims!  Embellishments will come after the stitiching.

Four more embroideries for the Delectable Diamonds.  That makes eight so far that need to be mounted and trimmed.  Another 4 are almost complete!

I am so into leaders/enders now, they have become a habit and a session at the sewing machine just doesn't feel productive without them.  I have my Precision Built loaded with navy blue thread for the denim quilt and sashings for Fabric Frolic are my leader/ender pieces.   Have a nice little pile now but need a lot more before I can lay out those two quilts.  That left me with what to do with my New Home.  I had a lot of leftover pinwheels cut from Rita's Water Ice and decided to make another quilt I've titled Summer Breezes.  At first I thought I would use them as leaders/enders but I want to get this one done.  I am so tired of making pinwheels, LOL!  So I decided to make them the main project but I still needed leaders/enders!  Do you remember that box of Barbie clothes and how much I hate making Barbie clothes?  I think they have been in their box for more than 10 years.  Well, I have turned them into leaders/enders!  Getting them sewn is just a little less stressful this way.  Here is what I have completed.  By completed I mean all the handsewing, too.  I have a small box of almost-dones now.  They are in the sewing basket behind Barbie!

The Barbie in the picture is a thrift store find.  I think I paid a dollar for her and she is the most annoying Barbie in the world.  She has this little talkie button on her tummy that always gets pushed at least three or four times as I am fitting the clothes.  If I could find a battery somewhere, I would pull it, LOL!  When I am done with these clothes, I am giving them to someone (I don't know who yet) and the doll is going with them!

On Tuesday, I spent the afternoon with my Aunt Mary.  We had a great time!  I showed her my blog and she showed me her one and only attempt at embroidery.  Please understand that when my Aunt was growing up, all girls were expected to learn how to sew, embroider, crochet and knit.  In any case, she had started this embroidery many, many years ago (talk about UFO's, LOL).  I offered to "finish" for her!
See the shutters on the window?  That's how far she got!  Thing is, despite the fact that only that much is done, she had/has a very fine hand!  Her stitching is/was superb!  We decided on a red door with matching window boxes, a black railing and purple flowers.  That's just to get it started.  I will fill in other details along the way and then we will consult on colors again.  I think it is going to be lovely!

I got the batting and backing for Rita's Water Ice.  The backing still has to be washed.  I have not forgotten I promised a tutorial showing how I sandwich and baste a quilt without crawling on the floor!  I intend to honor that promise this month!

On another note, my Aunt introduced me to a blog by my cousin(?) Nichole.  Nichole is the wife of my Aunt's grandson and I think that makes him my second cousin.  In any case, here is a link  My cousin lives on a 25 acre farm and they are trying to become self-sufficient.  Whatever her husband brings home from the farmer's market or grows in their garden is what she cooks!  Some of her recipes sound simply scrumptious and I can't wait to try them!

Love from Liri


  1. You've had quite the productive month! How are the denim blocks working? I kinda wondered about the difference in weights with the denim and calico. Your embroidery looks stunning, as usual! And the Barbie're more patient than I am - I'd have just thrown the whole thing out! (I once tried doll clothes. Once.)

  2. Katie, you are right! Something I neglected to tell everyone. I've backed all the cotton prints with iron-on interfacing to give them the strength to work with the denim. I believe it is medium interfacing. I go by the feel and not the description. That along with the 1/2 inch seams takes care of the weight.

  3. Your patriotic denim blocks are great and it is really taking shape. Just using the flannel backing the denim without any batting is a good idea. You inspired me to pull out my denim quilt and work on it a bit. It is a rag quilt and I did use batting, it weighs a TON! All I have to do now is clip it and wash it. I have all the patterns for "A Tisket, A Tasket" and I want to make it sometime, yours looks great. Have fun with it! I made doll clothes for my dolls before I learned to really sew. Mom always had lots of scraps and we could use them as long as we cleaned up the mess and didn't touch anything she was working on. I never had a Barbie though, just other little dolls to dress. Your stitching is beautiful, love the blue and white color scheme. Your Aunt Mary's project will be beautiful, love the red door idea. Can't wait to see it all done.

  4. You and Katie make me so very tired. The denim quilt is really coming along and I can't wait to see it finished. I love, love your embrodiery as always. I was thinking the other night, I wish I was at least 20 years younger, so I could keep up with you guys. Barbie doll clothes! patience, patience, patience. Connie204

  5. You are one productive lady! The denim quilt looks great. Thanks for the update about backing the calicos with interfacing. I'll tuck that tidbit away for future use. Your stitcheries, as always, are beautiful!

  6. I don't know where to start. The embroidery is just perfect and very pretty. Love that you are going to finish your Aunt's project. The tisket a tasket is looking so cute. I have those patterns too, might just work on them now that snowbound is finished ( well the top anyway).
    Finally, I really like how your denim quilt is coming out. Thanks for the info on combining the denim with cotton. Will try and remember that when I pull out my box of denim.
    Barbie will have a beautiful wardrobe when you finish sewing for her. I made my girls clothes for Cabbage patch dolls and American girl dolls but the Barbie stuff was too tiny for me.
    Good job all around.

  7. You made me giggle about the talking barbie...she is just not meant to speak!! LOL;) My mom used to make barbie doll clothes for me by the tons. She says today that she has no idea how she managed to work with such small pieces;)
    Love how the quilts are coming along;) And that star pattern will be in the mail tomorrow;)
    Happy Quilting!!

  8. No doubt God knew what He was doing when He gave me only sons and grandsons! He knew I'd never attempt Barbie doll clothes for girls! You made some nice doll clothes!
    Your denim Card Trick quilt is awesome! Just be sure your red flannel won't run! I'd hate to see it ruin that great quilt!
    If I could embroider like you do, I'd probably give up quilting! Truly lovely! ---"Love"

  9. Love it all! The diamond stitchery is lovely and the patriotic quilt will be awesome. I wish I would get busy on my tisket a tasket blocks, but can't right now. There isn't enough time in a day!