Monday, March 7, 2011


is new again!  You'll recall that my iron just up and died for no good reason sometime last month.  So I had to use the "backup" iron.  This is the backup iron.
You see that little chunk missing from the top?  I dropped it accidentally, once.
There is also an annoying groove opening between the faceplate and the plastic cover along the side.  All kinds of stuff gets stuck in there and it catches the edge of my fabrics, too.  Especially triangle points which promptly accordion on me.
It's a steam iron.  It spits water and if you leave it sit too long, the water leaks out all over everywhere.

So, I decided I needed a new iron.  I didn't want another Walmart special (that's what this one was) and I didn't want a top of the line like Oliso or Rowenta.  Besides being too expensive, sometimes the hubby borrows it (need I say more?).  I wanted an iron like my mom used to have.  No steam (I burn my fingers), heavy metal faceplate, all in one piece with a really strong cord and, if dropped, it was more likely to go through the floor rather than break.  In other words, I needed a new, old, iron.  I've been searching for a couple of months but all the old irons I found either had frayed cords or the faceplates were pitted or rusted and some had nicks around the edges.  A lot of them didn't even look like they would heat up.  But I found one today - literally!

See my new iron?
It's a Sunbeam, made in the USA.  It does not steam.  It has settings for silk, wool, cotton and linen.  It takes a little while to heat up, but it holds the heat even after you unplug it.  It has a heavy cord.  The faceplate is clean with just a few light scratches which is to be expected.  It is still shiny.  There is no grooved opening along the edge.  It is smaller than the iron I have been using but a lot heavier.
I found it!  St. Vincent's Thrift store has a new manager.  She has been going through the store and throwing stuff away.  Anything that has been on the shelf too long or in storage too long or whatever she deems unsaleable, she throws out.  This iron was thrown away!  I never saw it on any of the shelves (and you know I go at least 2-3 times a week).  I am on an iron high, LOL!

How do you like it?

Love from Liri


  1. Whats that saying "everything old is new again". I am glad its got a new lease on life and you are appreciative of its hard working ways. It just looks reliable doesn't it.

  2. Oh I am jealous , I have an iron that spits water all the time and shuts off too early and I have to heat it back up again and there is nothing like the old ones , they held their heat and yes they are smaller but you know that point gets in the places you want it to much easier too . Enjoy !

  3. Someone's trash is another persons treasure - what a fabulous find.

  4. Hello,

    My Mum still has the same iron she bought when electric irons came out. She refuses to buy a new one. So I guess yours will go on for years.
    Happy days.

  5. Liri what a great find hope it works well 1 mans trash is another man's treasure,lol.

  6. Hi Liri,
    I'm so glad you decided to join in today's fun and share a treasure. Often these older appliances are so much better than newer ones, I hope it gives you many many years of service.
    Hopefully you will have something else to share next week.

  7. I've used those vintage irons in the past...they work great;) How cool it is to sew with vintage stuff;)
    Happy Quilting!!

  8. What a fantastic iron. Mine is in need of replacing (you may remember I tried and my Wal-Mart special was promptly donated to my mom to be ruined (yes, ruined) at a quilt retreat I hated it so much) - I think you've just turned on a light bulb for where my next iron will come from! Never mind that retro is so "in"!

  9. Sadly I have the same iron that you were replacing and I need to replace mine too. I tend to knock irons off the board on a fairly regular basis. I have gone thru so many irons since I started quilting. Maybe I will hit the thrift stores in search of a vintage iron? Yours looks like a great find.

  10. I'm sure you will love the new/old iron! But do keep a eye on the cord. ---"Love"

  11. What a great find! I hope it keeps working for you for a long time. My iron has that groove, I use a Q-tip to clean it out and it catches corners and accordians the fabric, too. What a pain! I will keep your find in mind when it is time to replace it.

  12. There is something to be said for those well built classics from years ago. I did a lot of ironing in my youth, and your old/new iron looks like one I might have used. Happy ironing!


  13. I thought I recognized that iron, Yes! it's the one my mother used to use. Have fun with it.

  14. That's a corker Liri! They don't make them like that any more. Pity really. My gran used to tell me about an iron she had that you filled with hot coals! Ann :-)