Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Daffodils!  I have been in love with this flower since I was a little girl.  I don't know what it is that attracts me, maybe because I am a March baby!  They only bloom once a year but they are so worth it.  Although my garden is just now waking up (the first daffodil will be opening today), here are pictures of what is to come that I took a few seasons ago.  There are very large ones, miniatures, singles, doubles -  I think you get the idea.  And each year I add more, LOL.  I just can't help it!

Stop over at Melody's blog at The House on the Side of the Hill to see more Treasures.

Love from Liri


  1. The flowers are just beautiful. Haven't seen any popping up here.

  2. Beautiful daffodils! I love them too, but only two of mine bloomed last week! I am sooooo ready for Spring to get here! At least the roses are all leafed out after the severe pruning and freezing temperatures! ---"Love"

  3. Liri, first of all have a Happy Birthday. Enjoyed your daffodils. No sign of them around our house. Now on to your iron - somehow I missed the post when it was new. Christmas of '08 my daughter bought me a Rowenta. I thought that it was quite frivilious. It was somewhat arkward at first (not you lightweight off the shelf varity from Wal-Mart. But I have grown to love it. The amount of steam is adjustible, the face plate has like 108 steam vents (which means when you iron Dockers you only have to slide the iron over 1 time instead of 3 or 4 times to get the wrinkles out). The best part is that in just the 27 months that I have used the Rowenta it has never spit back or leaked/dripped water.
    I think I have gotten a little carried away.

    Enjoy your March birthday - treat yourself every day. You are a special person.....


  4. At first I thought you were going to tell us that your daffodils were already up and blooming and I was going to be jealous because I haven't seen a peep from any of my spring bulbs yet. But now I feel better. The photos are beautiful, though, even if they do make me have spring fever even more!

  5. I don't think I have ever seen such a variety of daffodils. The doubles are especially beautiful. So, March baby, enjoy your month, and all of those beautiful daffodils as they bloom for you.


  6. You daffodils are beautiful. I also love them. Spring is on the way, YEAH!!! Although I haven't seen any sign of it here yet. Happy Birthday.

  7. I'm also a sucker for daffodils. Mine aren't anywhere near blooming though I see little green tips poking out of the earth so maybe spring is coming! Happy March birthday :)

  8. Happy birthday sometime this month.... you have a lovely collection of daffodils... I love them too... they are such a 'happy' flower and so perfectly dimensional too....

  9. My daffodils are just about 3". I can't wait to have them in bloom. I love how they naturalize and multiply to make such thick groupings of flowers.

  10. ohh Liri your daffodils are stunning i never realized that there were so many different ones.

  11. Hello Liri,

    Oh I am a lover of daffodils also, you have a great variety to treasure, enjoy.
    Happy days.