Thursday, January 27, 2011


I'm sick of it.  Sick of no color, sick of cold, wet feet and sick of shoveling.  The Nor'easter that moved through yesterday (actually there were two) was only supposed to leave 6 to 10 inches.  The official amount for Philadelphia is 14 inches.  This record is determined at the Philadelphia International Airport.  I am beginning to believe that the airport resides in some other Philadelphia, not where I live.   My neighborhood got 24 inches of snow.  Here are some pictures I took as I was shoveling out this morning.

That big bush you see is a rose.  I prune my roses in mid-winter but haven't been able to get to this one because of the snow.  That bush is over 7 feet tall.
 This is my back fence gate.  The fence is 4 feet high.
A neighbors car.  Some of the snow on top broke away and fell off the hood. 
The circles are actually the top of 4 foot tomato cages. We leave them as markers for lily bulbs or plant placement for next year.

The picnic table on my patio.  That's the bench portion.
Like I said, I am sick of snow.
Love from Liri


  1. Holy cow! I think you got your share of snow and mine, too! We barely have enough to make the ground white, which is truly rare. No complaints here, but I do feel for you. Stay inside and try to keep warm under a quilt!

  2. Good grief! I'd have to move; I simply could not endure that! After seeing those pictures, I'm feeling guilty for complaining about our 20-30 degree weather for the past several weeks. Seriously, how do you do what you have to do every day? I just couldn't stand it! Do be careful; you don't need to fall and break a bone! Can you just stay home and inside? How long does it stay like that???? ---"Love"

  3. All of that snow is aweful. I too am sick of it and the cold tht comes with it. It is snowing here right now. Hope not as much as you got. Do you think declaring it to be spring right now would warm things up?? LOL

  4. Gee Liri, that is a lot of snow. It is hard to know where to put it when you have that much. I sure hope it doesn't all try to melt at once when spring arrives. Be careful shoveling!


  5. Wow, that IS a LOT! Can you ship some to New Mexico, we need the moisture, badly! I can remember a few years with storms like that in IL. It seemed like spring would never get there, but eventually it did. Sew up some more cute things and enjoy your sewing time, looks like you will have lots of that.

  6. we got about 12-14 inches here in ambler. Thank goodness for my neighbor with the big snowblower.

  7. The last time I was around that much snow was in 1978 when we lived near Chicago in a small apartment with 3 little boys! We got around 75 inches of snow that year and it was still around in June. I always loved snow as a child, but can't say that I miss it.

  8. Sorry about the snow - here in Missouri it has been an extremely cold winter. Snow,ice and very seldom sun.

    Can't wait for summer.

    Stay warm..


  9. I feel for ya...but never had that much snow around me, not even close!! It's been d-r-y here in New Mexico. I almost think we are going to miss winter here. Not trying to make you feel worse, just that we could really use some of that here.
    Like the other's have said...perfect weather for staying inside with some hot cocoa, some pretty and bright fabrics, and quilt to your hears can tell anybody that asks that you have a reason to be quilting in the middle of the afternoon;)
    Happy Quilting, and stay warm!!

  10. Wow! I can understand you'd be tired of it by now. I don't suppose you enjoy skiing or snowshoeing? Stay warm and quilt!

  11. Now that's alot of snow. We only got about 3 inches yesterday. Living in Chicago just about all my life I can sympothize with you. However, you guys are really getting hammered this year. Be careful and stay warm. Connie204