Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Flit:  Oh, pretty!  Can I play with those?
Scraps from the Koala Redwork quilt.
Me:  Yeah, but not right now.
Flit:  Can I have the black & white scraps Kathleen sent you to play with, too?
Me:  (absentmindedly)  Yeah!
Flit:  Can I use the Pinwheel Party instructions you collected from Twiddletails?
Me:  Flit, please, I am trying to get something done here!  (Do you notice a trend?)
Flit:  Well, can I?
Me:  Yes, OK!  Now, please let me get something done!
Flit:  Help me make some pinwheels?
Me:  Not now!
Flit:  Please, please, please?  Pretty please?
Me:  OK, OK!  If I let you make some pinwheels will you promise to leave me alone for awhile?
Flit:  Yes! 

So we made some pinwheels, like so.
Flit:  Can I have that piece of red fabric with the monkeys, elephants and camels?
Me:  What do you want that for?  I only have a little piece.
Flit:  I need it for the blank squares in the blocks.
Me:  You promised you would let me alone after we made the pinwheels!
Flit:  I had my fingers crossed behind my back!
Me:  Oh, all right!   I give up!
Flit:  Oh, goody!  I need black thread in my sewing machine.
Me:  Your sewing machine?  YOUR SEWING MACHINE!
Flit:  Yeah, mine.  You have one, why can't I have one?  Didn't you buy it for me?
Me:  Incredible!  You are one cheeky little muse, you know that?
Flit:  Yeah, but you love me anyway!  Can we get back to my pinwheel blocks?
Me:  (shaking my head)  I suppose we'd better or you will give me no peace!
And so we measured and cut and pinned and sewed and pressed and this is what Flit came up with - a Pinwheel Parade!

Closeups of the blocks!

I've sewn the verticals together.  Once the horizontals are finished, she wants a narrow black border, then a narrow red border, then another narrow black border.  The finish will be black & red pinwheels all around, but she can't decide whether to use 4 inch or 6 inch pinwheels.  I will have to see how the measurements turn out!

This came out so well, I just might let her do it again!

Love from Liri


  1. Oh, to have a muse like Flit! What a fantastic looking quilt.


  2. I love it!!!!! I'm making pinwheels today too;) But they aren't as lively as yours;)
    Happy Quilting (to both of you)!!!

  3. I love all the different sizes of pinwheels and the colors are great. You can almost see the pinwheels spin!

  4. It's beautiful! I'd definitely let your muse help again - she's for sure led you right down the path to amazing with this one.

  5. Flit had fun - hope you did too :)Enjoy!

  6. Is your head still spinning? Are you still seeing red? Girl, you and Flit have been really busy! Could Flit visit my house? ---"Love"

  7. You and flit made a great pinwheel quilt. That Flit knows her stuff. :) Looks great.
    I think you and Flit will stay busy all the time.