Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Recently I have seen this book crop up in a couple of blogs:

They all think this book is fabulous and, I must say, they are absolutely correct.  I have had this book for over a year, now, and it still fascinates me.  You will find this quilt in this book:

It is called Underwater World.  Pretty, isn't it?   Now, let me introduce you to my dear friend, Luis and his wife, Andy!

Luis and Andy were married in June of 2009.  As a wedding gift, I made the Underwater World quilt.  Here are the fabrics I chose:

Do you like?   Here is how the quilt turned out:

The quilt in the book is a lap quilt.  The major tesselated pattern and first border fit perfectly on top of their queen-size bed.  The additional borders are the drape.  Matching pillow shams, of course:

I worked on this for 3 months and completed the quilt only a week before the wedding.  The shams got done a while later.  They love the quilt.  Makes my heart skip a beat.



  1. The quilt and shams are beautiful and what a wonderful gift! I'm sure they will treasure it!

  2. I remember this one. It is so stunning!! What a beautiful couple they are. I'm sure they loved it :) Christine

  3. Wow is that quilt beautiful. I am sure that quilt will be cherished for a long long time.
    Great pictures

  4. The wedding quilt is gorgeous!!! You are so ambitious to make the pillow shams to match it too.

  5. This quilt is stunning. I think the borders you added lift it from "great" to "fantastic". You must have an eye for design. -Joanne

  6. It's simply stunning and that's in no small part due to the fabrics/colours you have chosen. What a fabulous wedding gift for your friends. Great work! Ann :-)