Monday, March 29, 2010


OK, here is another installment of 8 blocks:

Thanks so much for your encouraging words with regard to my imperfect blocks.  Please understand that I am not a perfectionist.  When I make a quilt, I expect imperfections.  I figure it is the nature of the beast!  If I give the quilt away (and so far, I have, every one), I don't expect the recipient to examine it with a microscope and broadcast all the imperfections.  In fact, I feel they don't have the right to criticize my work unless they can do better (and they don't sew, so they can't, lol).  Which brings me to these blocks. 

I know that you can do better, I have seen your work.  You all have the right to examine my blocks and point out the imperfections.  I don't want my blocks to be perfect for me, I want them to be perfect FOR YOU!   I am not stressed trying to make the blocks perfect.  In fact, I am regarding it as a learning experience and enjoying every minute of it.  Such a challenge, making blocks for fellow quilters.

That being said, I am so glad you love the colors and find them fun.  Theri cracked me up when she volunteered for all the imperfect blocks and, Love, you are a wonderful cheerleader.  And you are right, all of you,  perhaps I am too hard on myself!

So, how do you like this batch?



  1. I say the blocks are amazing! We are all going to have such colorful and unique quilts! I can't wait!!

  2. I love the variety of colors and prints, they are all great! This is so much fun, seeing everyones blocks, they are all very special!

  3. Liri, Did you ever read the book "That Dorky Homemade Look"? It is very funny and a quick read. I thought of the book because the author writes that anyone who doesn't have at least 50% of their points cut off is just showing off. I laughed so hard cause I tend to have a little problem with points.
    Your new batch of blocks look great. Wonderful colors and patterns. I can't wait to see these quilts start coming together.

  4. Beth, give me the name of the author and I will request the book, LOL. Sounds like a fun read. Liri

  5. Yes, it's a nice feeling when my points match but it doesn't always happen. Such is life. I won't be judging you on your points, or anything else for that matter, Liri. I'm just excited at the prospect of receiving your blocks to include in a quilt that will features the work of my APQ friends. These blocka are fantastic! Ann :-)

  6. Cute!!! I think these blocks are meant to be perfectly imperfect and individualized. That's what makes them fun. My blocks are definitely not perfect! :) Christine

  7. I'd be happy to have everyone of those blocks! I've really enjoyed watching the progression in everybody's blocks. All of you began with rather quiet, subdued, formal looking blocks, and the longer the time goes by, more fabric varieties appear! What fun you will have putting them together! These are going to be some very special quilts! (Just so you know, I've had to work on matching a few points myself today!) ---"Love"