Saturday, May 22, 2010


Just a short post here.  My new job is working out well but I am very busy.  I've found out I don't know as much as I thought I did, but I still know more than everybody else thinks I do!  Makes life very interesting sometimes.

Got some more goodies this week.  First up, from Lisa of Unexpected Paths:
These two beautiful blocks and two lovely fat quarters.  Thank you, Lisa.

Just in from across the pond, Karen (Breezy Bree) sent these blocks.  You all know I love two color blocks and quilts, but did you also know that one of my favorite color combos is pink and green?  Here are her blocks in all their pink and green glory:
I now have 24 blocks for the swap quilt.  Is that how many I am supposed to have?  Math impaired here, remember?

Totally unexpected and so much appreciated, a bonus package from Mary of Stash Heaven.  You remember that big fabric shop she blogged about?  Mary Jo's in Gastonia, North Carolina?  Mary sent me these for my train quilt:
In her little note to me, she said the bolts were on display pretty much right as soon as you walked in the door.  She couldn't resist and I am so thrilled.  They will work so well in this quilt.  I now have 4 fabrics that have a bit of red in them, which is good.  I had planned to use only green, black and white; but that little bit of red helped me out of a dilemma.  Here is what I mean.
I transferred two of these for the quilt, but I was really puzzled about what to do with the lights, especially the big ones.  They had to be red, but I didn't want them to be the only red.  They'd have stuck out like a sore thumb.  I was going to use the same green as in the rows on the arms, but that wouldn't have been right.  Now, with the bit of red in the farm fabrics, these two pieces will fit right in.  Thank you so much, Mary.

I have the May Snowbound block finished, but I will wait until I have the June block so I can post the pictures together.  I think I figured out how I am going to mount them, too.  There are a lot of BOMs I have collected that I really want to do.  Have you seen Under the Sea by Willowberry Designs?  I am starting that one next.  Six of the blocks have already been published.  I have the fabric and have already transferred the designs and started adding the colors.  This one is really gonna be cute.  Maybe I will have some of the blocks done for my next post.


  1. Wow! I love your embrodiery. The blocks you have received are great. I especially like Lisa's. If you have only been quilting for a couple of years, you catch on alot quicker then I have. I also envy your energy with everything you do and a new job, too.

  2. Lots of exciting mail! The train quilt looks interesting. Do you have a pattern for it? Is it for someone who likes trains?

  3. All the pieces seem to be falling into place for your train quilt. What a treat to have just the right fabric arrive on your doorstep like that!

    Yes, with 24 blocks, all your swap blocks have arrived so you can start plaing with layouts :) Mine have been laid out all week but I haven't had time to actually sew them together. Sigh. Maybe next week.

  4. I'll be watching for your train quilt as well as your swap block quilt; I'm sure both will be great! Your embroidery is so very pretty! ---"Love"

  5. You have some fantastic blocks there and yes, 24, is the number you need. It's up to you if you want to add more for a bigger quilt. How wonderful of Mary to think of you and send some fabric. The embroidery is super and substituting some of the red has worked well. Ann :-)

  6. Big sigh of relief! I couldn't resist because you had mentioned sites you would see riding the train. These were somewhat "muted" colors and I absolutely loved the train blocks you showed us (and other fabrics were practically glaring with color). Glad I could unknowingly help with your dilemma!

    The new blocks are wonderful and I am drooling over the fabrics Lisa sent--especially the paisley!

    I really have to get hold of my love for fabrics and new patterns! I bought silk thread today to start my Baltimore Halloween quilt and I fell in love with "In Santa's Workshop" when I saw it this weekend on the Blogger's Quilt Festival. This is an illness, I am sure! Mary

  7. Your swap blocks are great. Love the extra goodies too. Your emboidery is beautiful. I can't wait to see the train quilt come together.
    Glad your job is going well.

  8. The railway lights are splendid! What a lovely quilt you will have! I can hear the "bells" clanging warning of the oncoming train.


  9. Lovely swap blocks!! Your train block is so well done- great job! It is really going to be stunning :) Christine