Tuesday, January 26, 2010


How do you like my new avatar?  Instead of a blue box with a white bust I now have a face.  It is a real picture of me from some thirty, er, twenty (mumble, mumble) years ago.  Do you like it?

On to something more fun.  All the APQ Bloggers know I am an avid flea market/thrift store shopper, so I thought perhaps you would like to see some of my finds.  Earrings are a passion of mine and really the only jewelry I wear.  Having a large collection, I don't buy them very often anymore, but sometimes they are too hard to resist.   Here are some that I found over the summer.  Starting at the top left and going down: 

      First Row:  Hearts, pearls, silver & mother of pearl, red & green enamel; the last pair are silver & mother of pearl cufflinks (every girl needs one good set of cufflinks, right).

      Second Row:  Opals, needlepoint roses (yes, real needlepoint) , gold drops, enamel flowers with removable drops

     Third Row:  Black marquisites, silver birds (my husband made these from a damaged belt)
 Fourth Row:  Gold filigree drops (no, I don't think they are real), the last piece is a pin (I don't usually look at pins, but this one caught my eye)

Aren't they lovely? Aside from the fact that the earrings are really different (which I love), most of them only cost a dollar (the gold drops in the second row cost fifty cents). The most expensive pair are the lavendar enamel flowers for a whopping (wait for it) 8 dollars. OK, so I am bragging a little. Forgive me?



  1. Beautiful earrings, but not as beautiful as the girl who wears them! ---"Love"

  2. Pictures are fun. When I visit my sisters-in-law in Arkansas we always hit some of the thrift stores there. I always love a bargin. This past summer I found over 12 yards of Christmas quilt fabric for only $6. Your jewelry finds are beautiful!


  3. Nice finds!! I'm glad you made it over to blog land! Aren't we all grown up now with our real blogs? :)

    Here's the scoop on the new modern quilt guild for Philly http://phillymodernquilt.ning.com Our first meeting is Feb 27th. I hope you can make it! :) Christine

  4. Love: Aww, shucks, I am blushing (giggle).

    Marsha: Got the flea market bug, too? Fun, isn't it?

    Christine: On my way over to that site now.

  5. Great picture. Love your earrings. I found a bunch at a garage sale a couple of summers ago, but they are not as nice as your finds. We have a new flea market coming to our area and I can't wait for it to open.

  6. This is what I figured out about the whole blog thing pertaining to comments. When you are on the blog the comments have to be clicked to be seen. If you click to look at a specific blog entry like "I HAVE ENTERED TEH FRAY!" then the comments show. I don't know if there is a way to make it differently but that is one reason you see it 2 different ways.

    Just Another Quilter

  7. What fantastic bargains that would ahev cost you big dollars in antique shops or jewellery stores. Well done! BTW - Nice photo of you. Ann :-)